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SuperSweet Stevia - Purevia - Truvia

Stevia's arrival in the international sweeteners market is almost certain to shake up the entire area of sugar replacement, but the big question is whether it will erode volumes of existing high-intensity sweeteners or will settle comfortably alongside them with its broader focus on balanced wellness rather than dieting. In order to answer that question, Herbal Advantage, Inc explores the background, current status and future directions for stevia sweeteners. Our certified organic Stevia extract may now be used as a comercial sweetener in all food products. Herbal Advantage, Inc has the market's only 100% pure Stevia extract. Purevia and Truvia are sweeteners derived from the stevia plant but they both miss the mark if you dig past their claims. They are both loaded with cheep bulking agents where our SuperSweet Stevia is pure.

Are you losing your patience with conventional medicine?

More and more reports circulate about the prevalence of preventable diseases and the harmful and often devastating side effects of hastily approved pharmaceuticals. People are turning in increasing numbers to the natural botanical products that have been used for centuries to prevent, treat, and cure all types of illness.

Increasingly, they're discovering that is the one place that offers all the products they're seeking to "facilitate a plan" that will address their individual requirements and health concerns. Our web store includes Certified Organic Stevia extract as well as some of the highest quality bulk herbs and spices on the market. We also sell more than 1700 dietary supplements contained in the extensive inventory of the NOW Foods company, which has been serving the needs of health-conscious consumers for more than four decades.

In addition to our vast variety of top quality herbs and botanical preparations, vitamins, minerals and other supplements, we provide our visitors with the benefit of some very informative and enlightening articles on alternative and natural healing in our new Blog The Herbal Insider. We also stock the comprehensive and thoroughly researched 560-page book Herbal Defense: Positioning Yourself to Triumph Over Illness and Aging by Robyn Landis and Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa.

An old-fashioned family-run business with state-of-the-art service

At, we combine the ethic of an old-fashioned, family-owned enterprise with a cutting-edge, high-tech approach to the business of helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle. In fact, we take particular pride in being the one web-based resource that you can consistently rely on to help you keep yourself and your family in optimal condition.

That's especially important at a time when people are increasingly turning away from pharmaceuticals that do little or nothing to prevent disease, and often cause new health problems to arise as indicated by a 2005 poll that found some 28 percent of Americans refused to take prescribed medications due to "frightening side effects," and another 35 percent refused because of the high cost of such drugs.

As the value of alternative and holistic approaches to good health becomes ever more apparent, we invite you to share the convenience and good experience of being a customer with your friends – especially those for whom costly prescriptions have not spelled relief. In an age when faith in the conventional system is rapidly being eroded, we want to prove to you that there are solutions you can trust to put you back on the road to a lasting state of well-being. Solutions developed by none other than Mother Nature. Our address and phone number is on the bottom of every page of this web site. Please contact us if you have any questions or problems. We would also like to hear any suggestions for improving our web site.

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