Our Butterfly Brand Natural Herb capsules are filled and packaged by us. We use the highest quality herbs available and package the product at the time of your order. This extra step is done to ensure you freshness along with the quality control you deserve. We ship our capsules in a white food grade high-density polyethylene bottle to protect the product from sunlight, and finish with a screw lid with an inner and outer safety seal.

Looking for a herbal capsule that is not shown? Contact us, we are pleased to package any powered herb or blend of herbs that we have in stock.

All filled capsules listed are gelatin capsules. If you would like vegetable capsules please add $0.75 for a bottle of 50 and $3.75 for a bottle of 250 capsules. This selection is not on the web site yet just add it to the comment section of the order form.

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