Vanilla Beans Whole - 5

Vanilla Beans Whole - 5
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Product Name : Vanilla Beans Whole - 5
Alternate Name : Vanilla planifolia
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5 Beans - Whole Bourbon Vanilla Beans - Organic -
To make Homemade Vanilla Extract -

Split 5 vanilla beans end-to-end with a sharp knife. Add these to a fifth of Everclear. Put the cap back on tight. Shake the bottle every week or so. Let stand for three to four months before using (the longer it sets the stronger the flavor). After the vanilla beans have soaked for several months you may remove the vanilla beans from the alcohol, dry them thoroughly, cut them into 2 inch pieces and place them in a canister of sugar to make vanilla sugar. After several months in the sugar bowl take them, chop them into small pieces and mix them into cookies, a cake, or anything else your cooking.

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