King Bolete Mushroom Powder

King Bolete Mushroom Powder
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Product Name : King Bolete Mushroom Powder
Alternate Name : Boletus edulis
Product SKU : 11-363P
Cepc or King Bolete - This is the best mushroom we have for cooking with anything beef, lamb, or pork. The Boletus has a strong rich earthy flavor, mild salty taste, and is much prized in Europe. This is 100% pure mushroom powder from Germany. It is very concentrated. Add to beef gravy, beef soup, or add it to soy protein powder for beef like flavor.

Boletus edulis may have antitumor properties. The dried mushroom (6 gm) is taken two times per day in the form of a simmered decoction, in capsules, or mixed with food.

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