Anise Star Powder

Anise Star Powder
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Product Name : Anise Star Powder
Alternate Name : Illicium verum
Product SKU : 11-015P
Star Anise or Anise Star is grown on an evergreen-like shrub or tree that grows as tall as 25 feet and is found primarily in China or Vietnam. The evergreen cultivates a star shaped pea pod with 5-10 points. Each tip contains a fruit seed which is harvested prior to reaching its ripened state, then dried and ground into a brick colored powder. The Chinese have used star anise to season many different dishes including most of their meats, also it is commonly used in soy sauce, broths and often used in appetizers. When using Star Anise, only small amounts are required due to it s strength. Medicinally, the Chinese have used this herb for expulsion of intestinal gas, and colic type stomach cramps.

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