Maitake Mushroom Powder Organic

Maitake Mushroom Powder Organic
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Product Name : Maitake Mushroom Powder Organic
Alternate Name : Grifola frondosa
Product SKU : 11-39850
Certified Organic, Non-GMO. Grifolia frondosa - A mushroom much revered in China and Japan. Modern research has brought to light many wonderful properties. Used to build immune reserves. Has been shown to have a number of anti-cancer and anti-tumor compounds. Immune system imbalance in auto-immune conditions. Allergies in general. Shown to have liver protectant properties.

Maitake is the Japanese name for Grifolia rondosa, a large mushroom that grows in the eastern U.S., Europe and Asia. It is found growing as a usually large mass of overlapping, scalloped fruiting bodies around the base of old stumps. Sometimes one mushroom can weigh 10 pounds or more; and is found freshest in the spring/early summer and sometimes again later in the fall. Maitake is an edible mushroom that in the Orient is cooked in soups, and in the West is prepared in various ways.

Maitake is one of several mushrooms that have been valued in the Orient for "building the body's defenses". In traditional Oriental medicine the body's defensive immune system was recognized before it was ever known to exist in Western medicine. Out of all the mushrooms that have been studied for their effects on the immune system, the Maitake seems to be one of the strongest and while various extracts such as Fraction D, have been isolated from Maitake, it appears that its many benefits can be obatained from oral doses of the whole mushroom.

In numerous studies Maitake has shown to significantly boost the immune system and build immune reserves. It also contains a number of anti-tumor and tumor-inhibiting compounds. Other tests point to potent liver-protectant properties as well as lowering blood pressure and lowering blood glucose levels.

Maitake is used for auto-immune and allergic-type conditions that would suggest it is of value in balancing the immune system.

Maitake may be of benefit in cancer as well as AIDS and other conditions with low immune reserves. For those undergoing chemotherapy where the immune system needs to be re-vitalized. For liver disease and as a preventative in impaired liver due to toxic exposures. For hypertension, and as an adjunct in diabetes. It may be of benefit in auto-immune and over-reactive immune conditions as well. Organic, Non-GE. A product of the USA.

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