Heart Technology (30 Days Supply)

Heart Technology (30 Days Supply)
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The HEART TECHNOLOGY product is currently the only product manufactured in the United States, to our knowledge, that offers the high dosages of both Vitamin C and L-lysine recommended by Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling; economically, in a manner easy to swallow and good tasting. HEART TECHNOLOGY is a fine powder that when mixed with water makes a pleasant tasting drink. A pleasant tasting oral chelation therapy that works.

Heart Technology
The Original Complete Pauling Therapy Heart Formula. Herbal Advantage introduced the original Pauling therapy formula Heart Technology in 1997, and the Pauling therapy standard was set. Herbal advantage prides itself on having been faithful to Linus Pauling's recommendations for reversing heart disease. As a result it has been rewarded with a 16-year record of success with this product. In that time very ill customers have consistently reported noticeable symptom relief in just days on two jars of Heart Technology monthly.

Why Choose the Heart Technology formula?
Over the past 16 years thousands of heart patients have witnessed what happens to them when they follow Linus Pauling's "all too simple" advice. In the beginning no one listened to Pauling. The original Pauling therapy formula Heart Technology has a 16 year proven track record and includes the additional specific Pauling cardiovascular recommendations such as the antioxidant vitamins E and A, folic acid, and vitamin B6, all in a great-tasting, well-absorbed drink mix without fillers, preservatives, binders or additives. Pauling's treatment seems too simple to many people, especially uninitiated medical doctors, but judging the Pauling therapy without first trying it could prove a grave and life-threatening mistake in judgment for heart patients and non-heart patients alike.

What is an Lp(a) Binding Inhibitor?
Lp(a) (short for lipoprotein(a)) is a form of LDL (bad) cholesterol. There are now more than 11,000 scientific papers and studies which have identified the "sticky" Lp(a) cholesterol as a primary risk factor in occlusive cardiovascular disease.

The Pauling/Rath Unified Theory of Heart Disease paper, which was curiously ignored by U.S. mainstream medicine, explains that Lp(a) is a pinch-hitter for vitamin C when the intake of this vitamin is too low to meet metabolic needs. According to Linus Pauling, Lp(a) molecules are attracted and adhere to arterial lesions because of lysine and proline binding sites. Pauling explains:
"Knowing that lysyl residues are what cause Lp(a) to get stuck to the wall of the artery and form atherosclerotic plaques, any physical chemist would say at once that the thing to do is prevent that by putting the amino acid lysine in the blood to a greater extent than it is normally." - Linus Pauling, Journal of Optimum Nutrition, Aug 1994

Heart Technology Dosing Recommendations
Linus Pauling's specific cardiovascular recommendations are vitamin C and lysine from 3,000 mg (1 jar) for heart disease prevention/long-term maintenance to 6,000 mg or more (2 or more jars) for initially addressing established cardiovascular disease. Both of these components of the Pauling therapy are essential nutrients. Both vitamin C and lysine are required for life and good health, and there are no known toxic or lethal dosage levels. Serving size is flavored to be mixed with 8 ounces of water. It is not advisable to take any Pauling Therapy formula with fiber. Also, Heart Technology should never be taken with sugary soft drinks, simple carbohydrate foods (white potatoes, white bread, white rice, pasta, etc.), or even fruit drinks if you are diabetic or insulin resistant, as vitamin C is crowded out when serum (blood) glucose levels are elevated.

"Cardiovascular Disease!!! Who me??? - After open heart surgery on June 23, 1997, I decided to look for a better way to control the plaque that caused my problem. I am now on three doses a day, three containers per month of the Heart Technology formula. I never want to go through the surgery again. Please talk to your doctor about this. We can provide additional information for you or your doctor. High cholesterol is not good for you lower it the safe way with Vitamin C. Thank you for visiting our web site and considering our products, I hope they can improve your health as much as they have mine."

Stephen J. Marsden, President Herbal Advantage, Inc.

Please see related article on the left sidebar "My Story" and phone me if you have additional questions. Steve Marsden

THE HEART TECHNOLOGY FORMULA - A standard dose intended for 8 ounces of water is 2 level teaspoons. 1 to 3 jars per month recommended. Each jar contains 30 "doses". One dose contains the following active ingredients:
Vitamin C 3 gm (3000 mg) - Vitamin A 5000 IU
L-Lysine 2.8 gm (2800 mg) - Vitamin E 422 IU
Vitamin B-2 3,000 mcg - L-Proline 400 mg
Vitamin B-6 25mg - Folic Acid 400mcg
Arginine 200mg - Stevia 55 mg

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