Bentonite Clay Powder Pure White

Bentonite Clay Powder Pure White
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Product Name : Bentonite Clay Powder Pure White
Alternate Name : Montmorillonite
Product SKU : 11-05667
Useful, convenient, cleansing, and invigorating. Cosmetic clays are one of the most widely applied skin applications, always promising us a smile with their remarkable results. These exceptional quality clays have a multitude of purposes and each one carries only the finest natural source clay minerals available on the market. All our clays have been pre-screened and analyzed to guarantee consistency with an unsurpassable mineral content. All our clays come in a double poly bag with twist tie top to prolong freshness. This food-grade Sodium Bentonite Clay is popular as a medicinal supplement. It is mined in Wyoming and Montana. The mining practices are designed to keep out impurities and uses food-grade equipment. The clay is kiln-dried, milled, and screened to size. Bentonite Clay is often used to clarify beverages such as juices and wine.

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