Dandelion Leaf

Dandelion Leaf
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Product Name : Dandelion Leaf
Alternate Name : Taraxacum officinale
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Dandelion Leaf shares many of the same uses with Dandelion Root. As the root is stronger for many of them, the main use of the leaf has been as a diuretic for fluid build-up and edema. An aid in high blood pressure where a mild diuretic is called for. The leaf is high in potassium, which most diuretics leach from the body. High in nutrition to build the blood.
Dandelion Root has found a place in traditional herbalism in many chronic metabolic disorders. Supports the function of and detoxifies the liver, spleen and pancreas. Sluggish liver and chronic liver disease. Sluggish digestion in general. Poor digestion, assimilation and food allergies. Hypoglycemia; a support in diabetes. Gallstone preventative. Aids in the removal of toxins and metabolic waste from the body in general in arthritis, gout, urinary stones, helps prevent arteriosclerosis, an aid in high cholesterol. Chronic skin conditions. Acute bacterial infections (mastitis, tonsilitis, abscess, PID, etc.)

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