Echinacea Flower & Root

Echinacea Flower & Root
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Product Name : Echinacea Flower & Root
Alternate Name : Echinacea angustifolia, palliada, or purpurea
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Modern studies have confirmed many of the traditional uses. Echinacea is used to stimulate the immune system in bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Larger doses used at onset of acute infections. An aid in cold, flu, strep throat, tonsilitis,boils, abscesses , respiratory and sinus infection, urinary tract and prostate infection, skin infections. Eruptive fevers (measles etc.). Mouth and gum infections. Eclectic doctors even gave it as an aid for infections such as meningitis, diptheria, tetanus, rabies, etc., back when there were few reliable alternatives. Poisonous bites of insect, spider and snake. Promotes healing of acute or chronic wounds, ulcers (including slow healing and infected; internal and external). Lymph purifier in acute or chronic lymph congestion. As a preventative, sudden fatigue would seem to be an indication for beginning its use to promote immunity.

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