Stone Root

Stone Root
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Product Name : Stone Root
Alternate Name : Collinsonia canadensis
Product SKU : 51-6110-2
Price : $14.50
Part Used: Root. Stone Root is known for its action in venous congestion. Hemmorhoids, rectal pain. Varicose veins with pain. Pelvic conditions in general with blood congestion. Laryngitis, irritation from overuse of voice, nervous cough, throat tickle, hoarseness. Chronic ear problems with discharge. Chronic bronchitis. Chronic diarrhea, enteritis, colitis irritable bowel syndrome. Vaginal discharges. Heavy menstrual bleeding with pelvic congestion. Neurogenic bladder, Has nervine and heart tonic properties. Seizures, chronic spasm. Neurocardiac syndrome, heart and chest pain esp. with chronic cough.

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