Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel
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Product Name : Witch Hazel
Alternate Name : Hammamelis virginiana
Product SKU : 51-6205-2
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Part Used: Leaf and Bark. Witch Hazel is used as an astringent with tonic properties for the venous system. Like many strong astringents it is not used for long periods of time. Int. and ext. for Varicose veins, leg aches and cramps, phlebitis, hemmorhoids. Acute or chronic diarrhea. Pelvic blood congestion leading to heavy and inter-menstrual bleeding. Uterine or abdominal prolapse. Internal passive hemmorhage. Sinusitis, nasal congestion. Aching muscles from over-exertion (int. and ext.). Externally or as a wash for skin ulcers, mouth sores, sore throat, tonsilitis, laryngitis, wounds, bruises, sprains, swelling, burns, facial blemishes.

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