Adr/Ste (Adrenal Stress)

Adr/Ste (Adrenal Stress)
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Product Name : Adr/Ste (Adrenal Stress)
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Product SKU : 51-7600-2
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An adrenal and nerve restorative formula. - For those whose long-term stress has led to symptoms of adrenal exhaustion which may include low energy, fatigue, depression, and anxiety or panic attacks. Contains herbs which nutritionally aid the adrenal glands, herbs that are traditionally used as nerve restoratives, and herbs which can help build up energy levels without undue stimulation.

Contains: Avena Tops, American Ginseng, Skullcap, Licorice. 2 oz. Bottle with Dropper

Complimentary Herbs/Formulas: Nervaid for more acute symptoms of anxiety, and as a sleep aid. In such cases the Adrenal Stress Formula can be taken in the morning and afternoon, with the Nervaid taken as needed for calming and before bedtime for insomnia. St. Johns's Wort Extract can be added for depression and as a nerve restorative.

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