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Product Name : A / Y (ANTI-YEAST/FUNGAL)
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Product SKU : 51-7610-2
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For systemic yeast (such as candida) and fungal infections. Herbs traditionally used for systemic yeast (i.e. candida) and fungal infections. such as ringworm, nail fungus, fungal skin conditions, sensitivity to molds. Many sinus conditions can be triggered by or originate as a fungal infection. Can be used externally as well.

Complimentary Herb Extracts/Formulas: With Immunaid to balance the immune system. Calendula,Thuja,Usnea and Spinanthes extracts can all be used externally for fungal skin conditions, nail fungus, etc. The extracts can be diluted half with water and applied. Works best if area can be saturated and covered with a gauze wrap.

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