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Product Name : AST (ASTHMAID)
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Product SKU : 51-7615-2
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Herbs traditionally used for relief of chronic asthma. Herbs are used to help inflammation of the lungs, spasmodic cough, wheezing, chronic mucous, dry cough. This formula can be taken as a preventative. Contains: Wild Plum Bark. Seneca Snake Root, Grindelia, Hyssop, Lobelia, Licorice, Ginger.

Complimentary Herb Extracts/Formulas:
Lobelia extract taken in 5 to 20 drop doses to relax bronchials. With Immunaid for overreactive immune response. With Passion Flower Extract for stress-induced asthma, spasmodic asthma. With Wild Cherry Bark Extract for iriitating, dry or relentless cough. With Adrenal/Stress Formula for adrenal exhaustion. With Bronchaid for over-abundant mucous with cough.

2 oz. Bottle with Dropper

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