Astragalus Root

Astragalus Root
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Product Name : Astragalus Root
Alternate Name : Astragalus membranaceous
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Astragalus a Chinese herb now grown in the U.S. Boosts immune response and immune reserves. An aid in cancer. Chronically low resistance to infection. Studies have shown its ability to restore immune system after chemo and/or radiation therapy. Suitable for children with impaired immune systems. Slow healing response for old wounds, ulcers, etc. Chronic lung weakness. Edema and nephritis.

Astragalus is a very good immune system builder. Many people use herbs like Echinacea to boost their immunity to the bacteria and viruses prevalent at this time of year. Such herbs are seen as stimulating the "surface" immune system; the body's T-cells and other "killer" cells that fight off harmful pathogens in the system. Echinacea also has other mechanisms that weaken viruses. But in general the body's white cells originate in the bone marrow, and it is my belief that for those who have had long-term immune deficiency, herbs like Echinacea will not be as effective, since the immune reserves are so low. In other words, it is hard to stimulate an immune system that's not there. It is in this building back the immune reserves that certain herbs excel. They should be considered for those with cancer, those who have had long-term infections like Hepatitis, as well as by those with auto-immune and allergic (over-reactive immune system) disorders, as these herbs also seem to have a general balancing effect on the immune system. The herbs include Astragalus, Maitake, Shiitake, Reishi and Turkey Tail mushrooms, Elecampane, and Ginseng. It is no accident that several of these are from the Chinese tradition, as the Chinese recognized the rudiments of the body's defense systems long before Western medicine. Fortunately the Astragalus is easily grown in this country, and the mushrooms either grow wild or are readily grown in the U.S. Astragalus is a widely applicable herb for those with chronic immune deficiencies leading to re-current infections; including viral infections. It is a mild acting herb that we have found to work wonders with children who have been on repeated rounds of antibiotics, and of course adults as well. It is also a valuable aid in recovery from infectious diseases. The mushrooms have all been shown to boost and build up the immune system. Elecampane is a good immune tonic with good effects on the lungs.

The Ginsengs are helpful for those in whom stress has been a major factor in their immune deficiency. Many natural programs for cancer emphasize blood-purifying and de-toxifying herbs. We have seen the best results when the immune reserve builders are used. The immune system is the body's own defense against cancer. Maitake has been shown to not only boost the immune system, but to also have a number of important anti-cancer and anti-tumor compounds. Shiitake and Turkey Tail as well. Astragalus has been shown in studies to bring back the immune system after chemo- and radiation therapy. For those who do choose to go that route, I believe these herbs are invaluable. I believe that such therapies work much better if the immune system (and ultimately the patient) is not sacrificed in the process. The Astragalus and the mushrooms have also been shown to have liver-protective properties; again making them valuable for those with any form of chronic Hepatitis or other liver-impairment, and for those who have been taking chemo or other drug therapy. We will continue to stress the use of these herbs we believe are so valuable at this time when our immune systems are under assault from all directions.

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