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50 Capsules 450 mg6.43
250 Capsules 450 mg26.73
Product Name : Chickweed
Alternate Name : Stellaria media
Product SKU : 55-0600
A soothing, moistening herb for "hot" inflammatory conditions. Nutritive. Hard dry cough, "hot" lung conditions. Stomach hyperacidity, ulcer. Constipation with dryness. Inflammatory conditions of organs in general (kidneys, bladder, colon, lungs, etc.). Anemia. Poor assimilation, malnutrition. Skin eruptions with itching or irritation (int. and ext.). Boils and abcesses. Conditions with thirst and heat. Hot fever with thirst. Testicular pain and swelling. Tumors and cysts. Traditional use for arthritic swelling and pain of small joints (fingers, toes). Stimulates thyroid and metabolism; an aid in weight loss.

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