Chitosan (The Fat Grabber)

Chitosan (The Fat Grabber)
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Product Name : Chitosan (The Fat Grabber)
Alternate Name : Marine fiber
Product SKU : 55-07350
Chitosan is the fat trapping marine fiber you can add to your daily diet which absorbs eight to ten times its own weight in fat from food you have eaten and keeps your body's metabolism from digesting and absorbing it. These portions of fat are never broken down and taken into your bloodstream and therefore cannot be stored as unwanted body fat for all the world to see. Your brain's craving for fat is satisfied since you keep eating the foods you like, but since much of the fat is not digested, it's as if you never ate it to begin with. Chitosan is the newest of the cutting edge dietary supplements which allow you to keep eating the foods you crave without the downside of unwanted weight-gain and unsightly extra pounds. Chitosan can help you lose weight since the chitosan absorbs and prevents fat from being taken into your system by stopping its breakdown right in your stomach and digestive tract, before it passes over into your circulatory system. Your body must therefore convert previously stored body fat to use since not enough is available from your meals. This shifting of energy sources from your diet to your stored body fat causes a net reduction in that fat - and in your weight. Chitosan not only zaps fat but also attracts and traps other types of foods your body can turn into fat if they are allowed to be broken down and metabolized. Chitosan is also known to function as an agent for cholesterol control due to its demonstrated ability to attract and bind fat and inhibit LDL cholesterol before it can get to your bloodstream and work its damage. Additionally, Chitosan has been shown to increase levels of HDL or "good" cholesterol circulating in your body.

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