Horsetail - Shavegrass

Horsetail - Shavegrass
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50 Capsules 410 mg5.75
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Product Name : Horsetail - Shavegrass
Alternate Name : Equisetum arvense
Product SKU : 55-1126
Horsetail is valued for its high content of mineral; especially Silica which makes it of value in promoting healing and new growth in connective tissue: Osteoporosis, Arthritis, cartilage degeneration, lung, skin, and kidney tissue degeneration. Restrains infection and discharges. Bladder infection, Interstitial cystitis. Neurogenic bladder, difficult or scanty urination. Incontinence. Bladder discharges, Prostatitis. Stomach ulcers. Leg and skin ulcers and degenerative skin conditions (internal and external). Poor nails, hair. Degenerative lung disease (TB, emphysema, etc.)

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