St John's Wort

St John's Wort
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Product Name : St John's Wort
Alternate Name : Hypericum perforatum
Product SKU : 55-21605
St John's Wort has long been honored for it's wide range of uses; studies have begun to remind us once more of its versatility. A nerve restorative. Depression with nervous exhaustion, tension and/or stress. Hypervigilance. Insomnia. Headache. Nerve pain. Neuralgia. Sciatica. Injury to nerves. Spinal pain. Skin conditions with acute pain (shingles, etc.) Has anti-viral anti-bacterial properties. Good, mild anti-infection herb for kids. Neurogenic bladder, bedwetting, incontinence. Digestive problems with tension. Painful menstruation. Menopausal depression, tension. Passive hemmorhage. Externally the liquid extract or the Oil of St. John's Wort can be used for recent, painful injuries with nerve pain, swelling, sprains, bruises, skin conditions with pain, in ear for pain and infection.

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