Rice Bran Oil - Non-GE

Rice Bran Oil - Non-GE
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Product Name : Rice Bran Oil - Non-GE
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Product SKU : 52-2175
Rice Bran Oil is a high-grade vegetable oil with Cholesterol-lowering properties, high in antioxidants, and contains no trans-fatty acids. It has a pleasant nutty aroma and taste that complements the flavor of many foods and it's excellent cooking characteristics (high flash point and low smoke) make it ideal for frying and stir-frying applications. Smoking point is 490 degrees F. Many gourmet Asian restaurants have switched to Rice Bran Oil for these reasons. Compared to other vegetable oils Rice Bran does not leave an oily mouth feel. It doesn't require hydrogenation for stability and has a high percentage of fatty acids. (Oleic -46%, Linoleic- 36%, and Linolenic - 1%). Use for stir-frying, pan-frying, base for salad dressings, deep frying turkey, wok cookery, tempura, in place of peanut oil.

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