Yarrow Flowers Cut

Yarrow Flowers Cut
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Product Name : Yarrow Flowers Cut
Alternate Name : Achillea millefolium
Product SKU : 11-900C
Yarrow is valued in traditional herbalism for its effects on the circulation and digestion. Varicose veins, aching legs, phlebitis, hemmorhoids. Bone marrow disorders. PMS symptoms, delayed menstruation, heavy menses, menopausal bleeding. Vaginal discharges. Passive hemmorhage in general. Indigestion, cramps, irritable bowel syndrome. Diarrhea. Acute cold and flu symptoms. A well-respected remedy in fevers. Eruptive fevers (measles, chicken pox, etc.). Chronic kidney disease. Bladder irritation, incontinence. An external remedy for bleeding, wounds, ulcers, skin irritations, eye irritation and infection.

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