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Bulk Herbal Teas, and Beverages - Stevia is the best non caloric sweetener to use with your tea. Empty "Press-N-Seal" Tea Bags and mesh Tea Balls are listed on the Accessories page. Many of our herbal teas are naturally caffeine free. Any Tea ordered in quantities of 5 pounds or more will have the cost reduced by 10%. This discount will not show at checkout but will be applied before shipping.

The cost of Tea . . . .
A standard tea cup is 6 ounces and usually requires 2.5 grams of tea to make it. There are over 450 grams per pound which means you will get about 180 cups of tea per pound.
Tea that costs $10.00 per pound will cost 5 ½ cents per cup.
Tea that costs $15.00 per pound will cost 8 1/3 cents per cup.
Tea that costs $20.00 per pound will cost 11 cents per cup.

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