Kombucha - Esiak Tea

We've had many people ask us what we know about Mo-Gu, Manchurian mushroom and Kombucha. We know they're all different names for the same thing and that in 414 B.C. it was called The Divine Tsche by the Koreans. We also know that thousands of people the world over drink it daily and make fantastic claims for it. For simplicity's sake, lets just call it Kombucha. And it's either an enzyme or a lichen they're still arguing about that. The important thing is that it can be grown at home, as a culture, and is used to make a pleasant tasting tea with a plethora of benefits. We have been selling the Kombucha Mushroom for over 15 years now.

To get the full benifit of the Kombucha tea you must brew it at home and drink it fresh. Kombucha tea bottled in a store or shipped to you will do you no good. Kombucha capsules, Kombucha extracts, and Kombucha concentrates are a waste of money. Heating pads, pH testers, and expensive growing kits are designed to cheat the public. All you need is our Kombucha Mushroom, some black tea, and some white sugar. Everything else you have at home. We are here to support you. Our complete address and toll free phone number are on the bottom of every page of our web store.

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