Emu Oil

Low temperature processed Emu oil

Our Emu birds are grown and the oil is produced in the central midwest of the USA and is 100% pure. Nothing is added to it, no preservatives are necessary. When processed, the Emu fat is taken through a series of low temperature steps to refine and sterilize it. Our Emu oil may be used internally or externally.

Emu oil contains 70% unsaturated fatty acids. The major fatty acid found in Emu oil is oleic acid, a mono- unsaturated acid, which comprises over 40% of the total fatty acid contents. Also contained are two Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's) which are important to human health; linoleic acid 20%, and alpha- linolenic acid 1-2%. EFA's hook up oxygen, electron transport, and energy in the process of oxidation. Ingesting Emu oil provides these EFA's which are important to oxygen transfer, hemoglobin production and the control of nutrients through cell membranes. Emu oil is very healing, a little goes a long way.

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